MOONBASE Select® 001 : DrugDealerDance®

Today we’re launching MOONBASE Select — a playlist series curated to highlight diverse styles and subcultures of music. The first installment is DrugDealerDance™, which in itself is a subgenere of dance music - we also call it ‘Refined Euro Trash’ or ‘Murder FIFA Music’. This playlist features club-ready cuts from European artists of various backgrounds.

  1. No Jojo by Baby Gang & Bobo
  2. Adriana by RAF Camora
  3. Cartoon by Ahmad Amin
  4. Petrouchka (feat. PLK & RAF Camora) [Remix] by Soso Maness
  5. GTA by Dardan
  6. Anđeo u paklu by 30Zona
  7. Pinky Land (feat. THCF) by VASA
  8. LA DANZA by Branco & Gilli
  9. Blaues Licht (feat. Bonez MC) by RAF Camora
  10. Usta na usta by Buba Corelli
  11. Kontrollieren (feat. Maxwell & Gzuz) by Bonez MC & RAF Camora
  12. NEMA PROBLEMA by Svaba Ortak
  13. Sicilija (feat. Corona) by Rimski